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Episode 75 – Mike and Mary Shea

We have a special one for episode 75! Pat and Sandy, along with Gail Hafley, visited with local running legends, Mike Shea and Mary Shea, at Mike’s home in Raleigh. Mike and Mary filled us in on many stories, and it should be noted that Mike is 93 years young!

Mike Shea was a pioneer in the Raleigh running community. After completing a successful running and then coaching career at NC State in the mid 60’s, Mike began organizing local races and was one of the first to provide opportunities for youth and women to compete in track, cross country, and road races. His selfless determination to provide opportunities to all levels of runners helped make Raleigh the running mecca it is today. Several of Mike’s 7 children were elite youth runners, with Julie and Mary going on to very successful collegiate and post collegiate careers.

Mary Shea still holds the prep 10,000 meter record, which she set in June of 1979, narrowly edging out Joan Benoit (Samuelson) in 32:52.5. This run came just after she set National Records in the 2 Mile and 5000 meters. She would go on to finish second, behind her sister Julie, in the 5000 meters at the 1980 Olympic Trials; an event that was just an exhibition at the time. She would then finish 3rd in the Boston Marathon in 1983, while running for Nike.

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